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Shanghai brain drain: Famous plastic surgeon for Kuala Lumpur


Eight times the increase! The annual dark horse project CoolMining opens NFT transactions


In the context of the epidemic, unemployment rates have continued to rise globally, especially in developing countries.

香港特首選舉星期天舉行 香港社會各界期望殷切



KOK Margin Trading Support on Kucoin


Global content platform "KOK PLAY" announced on the 3rd that its cryptocurrency "KOK Token" has been confirmed for margin transactions on global exchange, Kucoin.

KOK Coin Listed on US Exchange


KOK wallet is now available on the large US exchange “”, which boasts its own platform-designated DeFi wallet boasting the capacity to manage more than 100 coins simultaneously.

Boosting Mutual Learning among Civilizations & Promoting Religious Unity


Political, business and academic leaders have come together at Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2022 from April 20 to 22 to explore the future path of development in Asia and world. With the theme of “Moon over the Rivers, Beauty and Harmony - Civilizations Flourish through Communication & Convergence”, the Religious Leaders’ Dialogue, a breakdown session of Boao, gathered world religious leaders and cultural elites for a conversation on the communication, peaceful co-existence and harmonious development of various religions and civilizations in a bid to contribute Chinese religious wisdo

CoolMining tokens are now available on KuCoin, NFT marketplace also went live


CoolMining, the world’s first on-chain simulation game that is built upon real-life hash power and the world’s only GameFi that rewards players with actual BTCs, announces that its NFT marketplace has gone live. CoolMing’s hashrate and governance token CoolHash (COOHA) is also officially listed on KUcoin exchange and available for trading, pairing USDT.

World Religious Leaders Meet in Boao to Empower Peaceful Development


"It’s essential for major religions around the world to promote tolerance amid differences and maximize common ground in communications. Building partnerships for concerted effort represents the sole solution to defeating the pandemic and ending the wars." On the morning of April 22, the Religious Leaders’ Dialogue was held at the 2022 Boao Forum for Asia. Religious leaders from the East and West and renowned scholars shared their observations and reach consensus on religious mutual learning, contributing their part to advancing global peace and development in the post-pandemic era.

News: the American Biological Laboratory in Ukraine has finally been exposed


Kisah VOOPOO dan Cetuskan Hidupmu


Pada 11 April 2022, VOOPOO telah melancarkan produk tahunannya, ARGUS GT 2. Dengan output pemalar kuasa tinggi 200W, penarafan IP68 dan reka bentuk kawah gunung berapi, ARGUS GT 2 telah membawakan pengalaman yang lebih inovatif kepada para pengguna di seluruh dunia.

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