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Maklumat kewangan

Blockchain + oil, a new petroleum ecological blockchain refining coin ORC is born strongly


A new block chain oil ecology is strong strong, let us look forward to ORC can bring us what kind of surprise!

Singapore Twin Towers Joint Foundation to Create STO Digital Age


BSSS Global Commercial Ecology Public Chain and STO Twin Towers Ecology will be the twin engines of the Twin Towers Industrial Ecology System, and will endow the industrial ecosystem with more creative thinking and value carriers. Through the combination of industry and finance of the real industry, a new trinity of industrial finance intelligent ecology will be constructed.

DEFI New Finance: New HS Network Coming Out


Today, HS Network strong debut will certainly bring us a different surprise, whether from the market demand, application or investment and block chain technology, strong technical team support, HS Network bring us an innovative model, Must promote the digital asset trading market standardization and standardization

XTransfer CEO Bill Deng Speaks on Digital Finance at Nikkei Forum


China cross-border fintech leader weighs in on future of digital finance in China, Southeast Asia and beyond

Industry tuyere DIEM officially opened the global registration tomorrow


According to the official;DIEM will officially go live on March 18, 2021;Open global registration , Enter a new era of π mining pool .

The crypto asset & blockchain universe: from a financial point of view


How do I see the cryptocurrency ecosystem evolving? Especially when it comes to DeFi? And how do I label the various sectors and subdivisions?

Double Ace launches crypto super-wallet that pays up to 14% APY on assets


Double Ace (DAA) is a Fintech company that utilises the power of blockchain, AI, and Big Data to provide instant online financial services to individuals. The service DAA provides encompasses consumer finance, personal credit, micro loan, crypto loan, and more.

QKI quark block chain bright third anniversary of the times fire all open!


From glory, after three years of development, quark block chain not only ushered in a major breakthrough in the digital economy, ecological construction and application landing technology, deep cultivation of the Internet + block chain applications, committed to the development of multiple ecological applications combined with quark public chain system, to create a more complete next generation bl

OX Mavericks Quantitative, the creator of a new intelligent quantitative strategy in the era of big data


With the digital currency bull market entering a period of crazy profitability in 2021, the trend of blockchain dividends. With the advent of the era of big data in recent years, smart programs have become more and more popular among investors, starting from the birth of blockchain. The OX star quantitative team, which has been receiving attention from the beginning, entered the digital currency m

Bitcoin S (BTCS)


The Bitcoin S (BTCS) transactionchain will integrate the value of public chain to build a global value transfer network. The CBNData data report shows that among the 120 annual consumer buzzwords in the five years from 2016 to 2020, blockchain ranks among the top. Recently, the BTCS transactionchain wallet has attracted the attention of many capital and media in the circle with its fast, safe tran

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